Sustainable growth report 2023

Sustainable growth report 2023

In 2023 we performed our Double Materiality Assessment (DMA), being part of the requirements set by the CSRD. The European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), a standard connected to the CSRD, provides a list of sector-related sustainability matters that organisations should consider in their DMA.

From this list, Anthony Veder identified 20 sustainability aspects relevant to our company. We also identified our stakeholders.

Each of the aspects was rated inward and outward. Inward: we rated the impact of each aspect on our company. Outward: we rated the impact and relevance of each aspect, driven by our daily operations, to our stakeholders.

The results of both inward and outward were ranked and resulted in the double materiality matrix, shown on the next page. From this outcome, we recognise the following top five aspects:

Each of the five aspects is included in our ESG roadmap and for each topic goals and targets have been assigned until 2035. These are also integrated into our OGSM-strategy tool (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measurements), through which they are monitored and followed up.

Going forward, Anthony Veder will engage with its stakeholders to further define and control its impact. The DMA will periodically be updated to incorporate new circumstances or new input from our stakeholders.

  1. Green House Gas emissions (GHG)
  2. Health, safety and well-being
  3. Regulatory compliance
  4. Sustainable employability
  5. Energy transition

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