Sustainable growth report 2023

Sustainable growth report 2023


We strive to be a company where everyone feels welcome and included. We are actively working towards increasing diversity in our senior management and supervisory board. This is an important goal and we firmly believe it is crucial for our success.

In our commitment to being an inclusive company, we are focused on enhancing diversity within our Supervisory Board, which is currently fully composed of men. The supervisory board and senior management can support our ambitions by extending this conversation beyond the boardroom, to clearly express our ambitions and take the lead in achieving them.

Our objective for 2025, set in 2022, is to increase the representation of women in the Supervisory Board by at least 20%. Although diversity is more than women representation only, we selected this target following the SER target and guidance and we believe this is an important first step.

In the forthcoming years, we will reevaluate our selection procedures, address any biases, and recruit competent candidates who bring diverse perspectives compared to the existing members. Furthermore, we will implement initiatives that promote inclusivity.


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