Sustainable growth report 2023

Sustainable growth report 2023



When people with diverse backgrounds are really working together an atmosphere is created with more open-mindedness, energy and creativity. Therefore, we strive for a sense of belonging without any exclusions, whereby all our people feel included and respected. We are dedicated in promoting our ambition on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) within Anthony Veder.

We realise that we have much to learn on DEI. We have made our first steps in becoming more aware, whereby it is our aim that behaviour leading to reaching our DEI ambition becomes part of who we are. In 2023 we defined and shared our DEI ambition, titled: ‘Better Together’. This initial step in our DEI journey is fundamental as it sets the stage for us to take further actions towards achieving our ambition.

DEI Ambition
During an inspiring workshop at the beginning of 2023, the Management Committee, guided by an experienced external DEI counsellor, defined the purpose of working on DEI and created Anthony Veder’s DEI ambition. This was shared with the company during Ship & Shore Connect, in our Ventmast magazine and published on the online portal eVentmast.

We have created a DEI Committee and a DEI Sounding Board for both fleet and office. Bi-monthly, these Sounding Boards come together where colleagues can share DEI-related insights and suggest actions to make Anthony Veder more inclusive. We took part in organizing the first edition of the Women at the Port Event on International Women’s Day.


Together with 5 Rotterdam maritime-related companies, we share the ambition to give female talent a face, exchange experiences and encourage more women to enter the industry by creating an inclusive culture. Moreover, we also addressed diversity and inclusion amongst our colleagues by organising our annual Christmas party for office colleagues and onboard our ship, and by paying special attention to religious days like Ramadan, Eid-al Fitr and Diwali.

We stimulate organising small social events onboard which contribute to feeling welcomed and valued when working together in a diverse team, such as doing sports together, organising ping-pong tournaments or celebrating the Day of the Cadet with the entire ship’s team.

We are a diverse company which is not reflected in the Management Committee (MC), which consists of the Executive Committee and Management Team. As a start to become more diverse in the MC, our 2025 target is to have 30% women in the MC. In 2023 the MC is seated by 3 women and 9 men which means we have not yet achieved our target.

We realise that setting a DEI target on differences in gender (identity) is not enough to become the diverse and inclusive company we want to be. Although diversity is more than women representation in MC, we selected this target following the SER target and guidance and we believe this is an important first step.

With many nationalities and cultural backgrounds of our people, our focus is more on inclusivity than diversity. Everyone should feel part of the team, needs to get valued for who they are and needs to feel confident speaking up.

Our teams on board are being trained on how to work together with different personalities and on team building. We will continue with these DEI ambitions and actions in 2024. In addition to the Sounding Boards continuing to meet, special attention will be paid to DEI during our officers’ conference Sea the Future.

An inspirational speaker will share ideas and the importance of inclusion within our company. We will also put efforts in measuring inclusivity and set up a related target.

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