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We recognise that our success is rooted in the well-being, happiness and engagement of our people. We want to provide a transparent, safe work environment where people enjoy working and take ownership of their vitality and well-being. We want to understand the driving force and motivation that inspires our people.

We continuously want to inspire and develop our people. We aim to hire and retain the right professionals with a fair reward and allow everyone to develop within our company. We use the preparation for the Employer of Choice certification in 2025 as guidance of reaching our social roadmap goals.

To engage with our people, we organise Ship & Shore Connect sessions, a quarterly online gathering accessible for all colleagues. We share updates on our company’s strategy and major projects, have interactive Q&A and a ship in the spotlight.

Within our Care for People we recognise the following:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Safe workplace
  • Safety
  • Productive Workplace
  • Learning and Development

Our social strategy is designed around these topics. We have implemented a broad range of programs and initiatives to cultivate an inclusive culture, to provide continuous learning opportunities, and to recognise individual contributions.


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