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We want to provide a transparent, safe and inspiring work environment where people enjoy working and take ownership of their vitality and well-being. Together we set goals for personal growth and stimulate focus on personal development and training needs. We strive for a diverse and inclusive environment; in a diverse workplace, employees are more likely to remain loyal when they feel respected and valued for their unique contribution.

We believe that (future) employees want to commit to an employer with a clear mission, vision, and ambitions and how they can contribute to that, values that fit our employees and can relate to. When people are happy in what they are doing it will lead to a healthy company.

Employer of Choice

As a cornerstone of reaching our longer-term social targets, we want to achieve the Employer of Choice certification by 2025. It enables us to attract and retain the right professionals.

From the beginning of their career until the last day of employment, we will continuously support employees, both in their professional careers and in their personal lives where necessary. The next paragraph provides the activities done to get ready for this certification.


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