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Future Navigator Program

Are you not afraid of a little challenge? And are you eager to get to know Anthony Veder while developing your professional skills? If so, check out our traineeship!

Our Future Navigator Program (FNP) will give you the chance to get to know Anthony Veder while developing your professional skills. This traineeship fast-tracks the careers of the bright and driven. Through three rotations of 8 months, you will be offered in-depth exposure to our Business, Operations and our improvement projects. Next to that, you will develop your interpersonal skills.


Two departments and one companywide project

The program contains three rotations of 8 months. In two rotations you will get to know two departments in our Technical side and work with the team and/or on a project.

In the third rotation you will focus on a companywide improvement project. You will get the Anthony Veder Project Management course. This will facilitate you in connecting quickly with ‘project-minded’ colleagues. It will also bring you a structured method in dealing with projects in the future. We are a value-driven company. So, after completion, you will present your results and recommendations to the management team. This is because your project is an actual topic that influences how we do things around here.

Personal Development

Develop yourself professionally by bringing the AV project management skills into practice in the different rotations. Develop yourself personally with Time Management course and Communication Skills training.

Furthermore, you will connect with a Performance Coach to discuss how to overcome any (personal) obstacles or to thrive even more. Because essentially, we grow at the pace you grow!

On the job experience

After finishing these two years together we will look for a fitting position within the company. Your training is just the foundation. During your first rotation, you already will make a difference. During the rest of your career at Anthony Veder you will leave your mark and have an impact.

Are you curious about our Future Navigator Program?
Read Jim’s experience as a former Future Navigator at Anthony Veder.



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