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Press release: combined LNG bunker and feeder vessel ordered in the Netherlands

Rotterdam, 14 January 2015

Combined LNG bunker and feeder vessel ordered in the Netherlands

Sirius Veder Gas AB has ordered a state of the art 5,800m3 LNG bunker and feeder vessel with Dutch shipyard Royal Bodewes, the first to be built in Europe. The company – a joint venture owned by Anthony Veder Group and Sirius Rederi – will operate this combined LNG bunker and feeder vessel for Skangass under a long term charter. The new vessel will serve the increasing number of vessels using LNG as a marine fuel, thus reducing their CO2, NOx, SOx and particle matter emissions. It will be delivered in February 2017.

Fuelling new markets

Since 2010, Skangass has expanded its LNG transport capacity at sea by entering long-term time charter contracts with Anthony Veder for LNG carriers Coral Energy and Coral Anthelia. The new vessel can distribute LNG to areas that have a clear need and drive to move to sustainable energy but do not have access to natural gas via pipeline. It is expected to load LNG in Norway and Sweden for distribution in the Baltic area, with a focus on the Skagerrak and Kattegat area.

Unique vessel concept

The new vessel combines proven technology applied in Anthony Veder’s small scale LNG carriers including a dual-fuel engine. The specific design features required to perform safe and reliable bunkering operations, e.g. thrusters to facilitate increased manoeuvrability, has been developed by both Anthony Veder and Sirius Rederi. Furthermore, the vessel has the highest ice class notation (1A) which allows it to trade in the Baltics during winter time.





“We are committed to developing energy-efficient solutions for small to mid-size LNG shipping. For Anthony Veder, this will be the fourth small-scale LNG carrier operating in the Northern European area”, says Jan Valkier, CEO of Anthony Veder.

Jonas Backman, Managing Director of Sirius Rederi: “We are proud of this new design, that reflects our local knowledge as well as our vast experience.”

The development of this vessel is a part of the Joint Industry Project FLEXI included in PILOT LNG, which is part of the collaboration platform Zero Vision Tool ( The combined LNG feeder and bunker vessel is an important part of the establishment of an LNG infrastructure in the Skagerrak/Kattegat area and the Baltic Sea. This project is co-funded by the EU through the TEN-T programme.

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