Coral Favia, a sister in the LNG/LEG vessel series of Coral Fraseri and Coral Furcata


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Anthony Veder Expands Fleet With Taking In Five Gas Carriers From GATX

Rotterdam, 20 June 2019

Anthony Veder will perform the commercial management of five gas carriers of GATX Corporation. The vessels will start trading in the company’s gas pool as per June 2019. With this transaction Anthony Veder further strengthens its position as liquified gas shipping company to a fleet of 38 ethylene, LPG and LNG carriers.

The gas carriers previously were part of the Norgas pool and will be renamed starting with Coral. Three out of five vessels will transport liquefied petroleum gas and petrochemical gasses such as ethylene. The other two gas carriers, of 10,000 cbm capacity each, will also transport liquefied natural gas.

Jan Valkier, CEO Anthony Veder says: “We have a strong position in both the LNG and petrochemical market. Expanding our fleet with these five combined gas carriers is a great opportunity with which we can offer our customers even more flexible services. With the addition of the LNG carriers we boost our LNG trading fleet to 10 vessels in sizes between 5,800 cbm and 30,000 cbm.”

Vessel name Type Capacity Year
Coral Alameda LEG/LPG 8,500 cbm 2003
Coral Orinda LEG/LPG 8,500 cbm 2002
Coral Shasta LEG/LPG 10,200 cbm 2003
Coral Fraseri LNG/LEG 10,000 cbm 2010
Coral Furcata LNG/LEG 10,000 cbm 2011

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