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Meet Roel – Operational Purchaser

Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Roel Verhagen, and I am Operational Purchaser at Anthony Veder. My hobbies are football, fitness, running and listening to music and podcasts. I also like to do stuff with my family. 10 years ago after I finished the pre-master Communication and Information science, I started in the offshore/maritime business.

I entered the world of Anthony Veder since February 2023. All these years I have worked as an operational purchaser. I really like this role because it gives me energy by helping colleagues offshore with the on time supply of goods and services of good quality.

What do you like most about your work?

Although I was already familiar with the maritime industry, Anthony Veder is my first introduction with the gas shipping industry. What was really new for me is the dynamics and the unpredictability in the daily work.

It can be challenging to arrange a smooth supply chain because of the limited timeframe to supply vessels and the uncertainty of upcoming schedules. But this brings the most excitement in the daily work and provides a great adrenaline rush.

I also like the close contact with all departments and with the vessels. Vessel management and purchasing department are located between each other at the office. This means a strong connection and easy communication between vessel managers and purchasers and this really helps the unity between the two departments

"I also like the close contact with all department and with the vessels."

What do you value most about Anthony Veder?

What I value most is the flat hierarchy and short communication lines between and within departments. Also the equality and mutual respect between colleagues was one of the first things I noticed when I started. In my opinion there is a good teamspirit in the office. For example when our daughter was born a half year ago, I got a lot of congratulations from people of various departments and even from the crew of multiple vessels.

Anthony Veder stands out by really putting effort in the focus on the wellbeing of her employees.Employees get the opportunity to improve in their work and private life. For example the yearly fit check, but also courses about life-saving and safety related topics.

Also the humanity is high in the company: think of flexibility, trust and appreciation. These values are important for me because of my busy private life with young kids. For me personally this gives me a lot of peace of mind

What would you say to someone considering a career at Anthony Veder?

Anthony Veder is an informal, open and professional company. If you want to work in a dynamic world with positive people, while also improving yourself, Anthony Veder will be the right choice for you.

Working at Anthony Veder

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