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Meet Kadek– 2nd Officer

Can you introduce yourself?
Currently I am working as 2nd Officer on Coral Lophelia. As a 2nd Officer I’m in charge of the navigational watch and the safety of the vessel, crew and cargo under the final responsibility of the Captain. I also act as a navigator by planning and preparing our voyages. I keep records of our operations, recording faults and repairs to our navigational equipment.

Safety is very important on board, so I check our safety equipment. During this check, I control the maintenance and record keeping of our Life-saving and firefighting equipment.

What do you like most about your work?

What I like most about my job is, that I work with various kinds of people. From new colleagues who are joining and those who have been working for many years. For me, this brings joy to enlighten our vision to be in the same direction within the company.



What do you value most about Anthony Veder?

I am happy with how Anthony Veder takes care of its people. They walk the talk of caring for their colleagues. It inspires me to contribute as well.

Anthony Veder manages to ease these restless seamen by bringing joy to their family as well, by meeting in person with their employee by holding a family gathering or simply by having an On and Offline meeting with their Crew to align and enlighten their vision to be at the same direction with the Anthony Veder.

What would you say to someone considering a career at Anthony Veder?

If you are looking for a company where people are important? Then join us!

Being with the Company for over than 10 years get you to meet with various kind of people. I am happy with how the company takes care of their people especially in this kind of time.

It Inspires us to contribute as well and in fact for some people they actually walk the talk of taking care of their colleague.


Working at Anthony Veder

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